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the real world is a lie, your nightmares are real

graphics by elizabeth and ashley

Realism Sucks | Icons, Headers and more
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Realism_Sucks Icons & More

Welcome to realism_sucks!

This icon community is open to the public but however, only members can post. All posts are public including videos, tutorials, and layouts; however graphic posts will be made friends after 7 days.

This is a graphics journal that will mostly feature icons, friends only banners, and headers.

It may also, however, be home to my (saphiralupin) videos.

This community is run by me, saphiralupin and my good friends maniacalshen and saphira_jade.

We always make big posts full of multi-fandom graphics, so if you have dial-up we apologize.

If you want to apply to affiliate with realism_sucks, please check here. Our current affiliates are:

hello tubrute _creations_ matchbox_icons bananastand screenprints skulll invasionicon fragmentoflight just_delicious limbslikewire cursed_iconses stormfronticons fifth_period

Main Intersets

♥ Doctor Who

♥ Supernatural

♥ Life On Mars

♥ Harry Potter

♥ Twilight

♥ Ashes to Ashes

♥ Ghost Hunters

♥ Torchwood

♥ Lost


- Pleasepleaseplease don't hotlink any images from this journal! By right-clicking on an image, and copying and pasting it to another place, you are stealing bandwidth. If you like anything, please right-click and choose 'save as'.

- Please credit either realism_sucks, saphiralupin, saphira_jade, or maniacalshen. Crediting is really nice and simple, and enables people to find their way here for more graphics they might like.

- Blank icons are not bases. If you'd like a certain phase or words on the icon, don't be afraid to ask one of us. Please don't add it own your own.

- We love comments and feedback, so please don't hesitate to let us know which graphics you snag; it just helps us know what people like.


Layout profile code thanks to grrliz